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Online UPS

Power is your Business Life Line. The more you have the better for your business growth and productivity and losing it may prove disastrous for your business. So, for uninterrupted power security and performance preserve it with ABP online ups system. Our goal of zero defects and total customer satisfaction makes us the preferred supplier for many major companies in the electronics and information industries. At, our quality is measured by our products. we manufacturer all power backup electronics equipments.

Major Application

  • Information Technology –Data Centers, Servers Networking.
  • Telecommunication - mobile, Wireless and others.
  • Industrial Automation, Process Control.
  • Digital Mini Labs, image processing and per- press.
  • Medical equipments – MRI, CT Scan Cath Lab, Doppler and others

Industrial Inverter

We offer digital inverter, which are designed to provide stable A.C. during power failure. These are fully automatic and completely noiseless. The models available with us are 250 VA to 5 KVA.

The salient features of our range include:

  • Easy installation on A.C. mains after separating power line, there by automatically disconnecting the unwanted during power failure.
  • Short Circuit Protection- This inverter automatically shut off during short circuit.
  • Mosfet Technology is used to achieve longer backup time from same size of batteries.
  • Stable Output , which gives fixed voltage and frequency even when the load is less, on battery mode. This protecimages the valuable appliances from burnout due to high voltage.


6V & 12V Maintenance Free SMF batteries are made in an eco-friendly, ISO Certified & modern plant with a large manufacturing capacity and are being sold worldwide. There is a wide range available to suit all applications of standby power requirements like UPS, Inverter and Emergency Lights, Telecommunication equipment, Fire Alarm & Security Systems, Railway Signaling, Electronic Attendance & Cash Registers, Solar Lanterns and Systems, etc.

Salient Features

  • Maintenance Free, made in a modern and eco friendly manufacturing facility.
  • Lead calcium grid for extended life
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Usable and rechargeable in any position
  • Low self-discharge and long service life
ABP POWER SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified co. specializing in the study and development of Power Conditioning Equipment Across the Country.
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