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ABP Constant Voltage transformer

ABP Powers Constant Voltage Transformer is an important safety product for all type of appliances. This transformer is a protection to safeguard from the damage caused due to interruption when switching in output voltage. This device has various uses in the industries and enterprises. Protection of the appliance is essential to avoid disruptions during operation and regulating the output voltage. We have enough experience to take care of our customer needs and hence our name has been in existence for long. To protect the electrical equipment, our clients have trusted us in order to prevent this problem of damage due to switching output voltage.

The Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT) is manufactured, supplied and exported by ABP Powers and hence we know the device’ functioning, installation, servicing, problems like a book. It is also in an affordable price range, which makes us more preferred among the customers. The appreciation of our product and serviceability has been much liked too as per the testimonials and feedbacks received. Our constant follow-ups with the consumers have helped improved in their product maintenance as well as helped in the improvement of our services and hence a good name.

The best in business: ABP Constant Voltage Transformer

The demand of devices is never declining. The safety is always the priority and hence the reliability is preferred as such. Devices such as AC, TV, refrigerator, computers and so many types of laboratory machines require the use of such transformers. Sometimes, also known as voltage regulator controls the voltage or power automatically and regulates it to a level that is set or required. The CVT ensures complete protection against spikes and controls output voltage.

The high efficiency and quality of our devices is the most reliable way to secure customer’s trust and that is our only work ethic. The quality complied by us is as per the government standards that is the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). This regulation has been followed since the beginning, and thus, we claim the superior quality that we provide.

The standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) are well complied by our company when it comes to the products and services that we provide. Automatic and continuous correction of voltage is guaranteed along with saving the diesel and electricity bill depending on the input variation, loading and the number of working hours.