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ABP Online UPS

UPS has been in the industry for long and with changing trends, latest technology needs to be inculcated to avoid any data loss. Hence, ABP Online UPS is the best product to use during power cuts. The product uses AC load to supply power through rectifier and inverter or only inverter in case of power failure. Get the delivery of continuous power supply and save your time and information through ABP Power Solutions Pvt Ltd. Uninterrupted power security and performance is what we promise to satisfy our customers. Through most affordable equipment, you can rely on us for the product of your requirement.

Since all the lab equipment/ machines, IT centres at corporates, financial service offices, digital labs, medical equipment and what not require an unbroken signal for saving the operations in place, so that the work remains in a flow. Online UPS is thus the best product to provide safety for computers from data loss and data corruption.

Why Online UPS ABP Powers?

Integrating all power stages and control functions, ABP UPS has a signal process unit and is completely digital. In fact, compared to the conventional UPS, there are 2 cards in the system.

A product with high switching frequency and maximum system efficiency, minimum harmonics, fast transient response, and high battery life, ABP Online UPS is what you need for all uninterrupted current flow in your system.

The applications are for almost every type of industry, since maximum work is being turned digital lately. Each type of office now requires an unbroken electricity supply and that bond will not be broken till you use UPS.

Our aim remains providing zero defects and complete delight to the consumers so that we keep our place in the market intact for a preferred supplier of UPSin the electronics and information industries. Our experience and knowledge in the field has only motivated us to stay updated and keep offering technologically advanced power solutions as the consumer demands. Even our team is very much involved in the research work to provide better solutions, every next time. In terms of affordability, we do not stand behind and are actively involved in providing value for money and serviceability is also one attribute, we pay special attention to.

All this makes ABP Powers is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Online UPS.Our clientele speaks a lot of our characteristics, with better testimonials, each time. We have been a trust worthy name in industries from basic call centres, corporate offices, central air conditioning in industrial plants or hospitals, and in fact a complete hospital and lab care for sophisticated research and operating machinery.

Choose ABP Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Choosing the right KVA of a Servo Stabilizer

• KVA of Stabilizer = H.P. of lift * 3

• KVA of Stabilizer = Tonnage of A.C. plant * 2

• APT model with Isolation transformer

• IGBT Based , Double Conversion,

• Rating 1KVA to 80KVA